At Wise Camps one of our goals is to help enrich students lives by offering internships. 

The objective of offering positions for interns is to facilitate growth they can attain and use for preparing them for the working world.  We take pride in being able to provide an educational experience for our interns. 

Quick Facts:

Internships are offered to help people acquire hands-on skills they can directly use for future employment.

The goal of offering internships is to benefit the interns by giving them an educational experience. 

Interns do not replace regular employees, they have unique roles that do not replace paid employee positions.

The staff at Wise Camps will make an effort to provide a valuable learning environment with educational experiences for the interns that are assisting at Wise Summer Camps.

Interns are not offered a position of employment upon completion of their time spent interning. 

All interns understand that they are not compensated monetarily for their time and service, they are gaining life experience through their internship.